72 Last — storm waxed suede with rugged ridgeway soles
A robust field boot cut from hardwearing Yorkshire-tanned waxed suede and made with a ridgeway sole and storm welt, ready for the hills or the city streets.

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Waxed Suede

Tanned in Yorkshire, England, this is a resilient waxed skin that gains character as it ages. The traditional choice for workwear.


Storm's colour tone will change according to the level of wax applied, varying from mid-grey to dark charcoal. We recommend Everest wax to maintain your boots.

Rugged ridgeway soles

A rugged British manufactured rubber sole which ensures your goodyear welted boots are ready for whatever the elements have in store.

Burgundy Delapré Lining

Tanned near the Rhine, Delapré is treated with nine different fats to create a beautifully rounded and supple leather which gains character as it ages. Here we skive the leather to make a handsome, comfortable lining.

72 Last

A round toed country last with a subtle pitch and added height for extra thick socks.