606 Last — clove suede with dainite rubber soles
This Norwegian aproned derby has long been an Edward Green icon. Each pair is hand-sewn with a boar's bristle needle, one of shoe-making's most intricate crafts.Here the Dover is made in clove suede with a dainite sole giving it a more relaxed style.

Dover Images

meticulous quality


clove suede

We select from the finest Italian suedes and only use unsplit skins to ensure the suede retains it’s shape and structure. Clove suede is a warm, spicy terracotta which pairs particularly well with navy.


The Dover's apron and toe is expertly handsewn with a boar's bristle.

Dainite rubber sole

A time-tested British manufactured rubber sole, which ensures your goodyear welted shoe is ready for winter weather.

606 Last

A subtle square-toed last, synonymous with the Dover.