137 Last — salmon suede with slim leather soles
Cut from our supplest suede, the Islington is an unlined style perfect for a casual sockless summer. The raw edge and lack of saddle makes for a clean and unfussy shoe.

Fits true to size. We always recommend being initially fitted in store. Size guide

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meticulous quality

Salmon suede

We select from the finest Italian suedes and only use unsplit skins to ensure the suede retains it’s shape and structure. Salmon is a soft dusty pink which brings a touch of summer to your wardrobe. Pair with blues, greys and white.

Oak bark tanned leather soles

Our leather soles are tanned for nine months in a solution of oak, spruce and mimosa barks  for an unequalled comfort and durability.

137 Last

A rounded penny loafer last with a distinct side wall — inspired by the Duke of Windsor who was conferred the title in 1937.