184 Last — chestnut antique & snuff suede with leather soles
This distinctive style was created by legendary shoe designer and one-time Edward Green owner, John Hlustik, in the 1980s. The combination of calf and suede makes for an original loafer with real sartorial flair.

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Chestnut Antique & Snuff Suede

Chestnut is one of our signature antique caflskins, with a rich patina created through layers of handwork. Snuff suede is a handsome tonal match. We select from the finest Italian suedes and only use unsplit skins to ensure the suede retains it's shape an

Oak bark tanned leather soles

Our leather soles are tanned for nine months in a solution of oak, spruce and mimosa barks  for an unequalled comfort and durability.

184 Last

Our classic penny loafer last.